Taiji Gallery

Take a look at some photos of Tricia's trip to Taiji where she volunteered as Cove Guardian for Sea Shepherd. Read Tricia's bio on the Sea Shepherd South Africa Facebook page.

The horror occurring in Taiji is the result of the continuation for the demand for wild-caught dolphins in captive facilities around the world. The only way for the captures and killings to stop for good worldwide is for people to realise the detriment that they are causing by supporting the exploitation of marine mammals in captivity.

Thank you to all of our supporters for their hand in funding this trip. Proceeds from the Ocean Guardian campaign have gone towards this great cause. We are already planning the trip to Taiji for 2013 and have a super t-shirt design instore.

Click on the photo to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

Cove Guardians

Hotel in Ki Katsuura

Entering Taiji

The Harbour

Meat Market


Tsunami Evacuation Point


Dolphin Base

Whale Museum


Wakayama Prefecture

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