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is a registered South African non-profit organisation focused on increasing awareness and highlighting the atrocities against animals. NMS’s vision for the future is one where animals are valued in their own right and where they are free from suffering. NMS illustrates the desire to think to the future, constantly striving to address the challenges and abuse faced by animals today.

NMS aims to change people’s perceptions regarding how they view Animal Rights by introducing educational, fun, and interactive elements. NMS will work independently and in collaboration with other organisations that deal with animals and animal rights. NMS will educate people about the problems facing all animals, and share with the public how they can make a difference in their day to day life.

NMS ’s goal is to challenge the status quo by raising awareness. We want to end animal exploitation and suffering by focussing on related trades such as factory farms, the clothing trade, laboratories and the entertainment industry. By acting as a development platform, we can build a united front with the support of organisations and people to achieve a humane environment for ALL animals.

NMS operates without prejudice towards race, colour, nationality, religious belief, or any other consideration except for an impartial adherence to upholding welfare and rights of all animals.

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Tricia, the founder of NMS, is a graphic designer as well as an executive member of Fur Free SA and Johannesburg co-ordinator for TSON (The Seals of Namibia), to name but a few. She was an onshore volunteer for Sea Shepherd and went to Taiji, Japan in December 2012 as a Cove Guardian.

Tricia believes in living conscientiously with animal rights in mind and is Vegan. She also aims to educate the public on how to become Vegan and live a cruelty free life.

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Tricia Davis

Tricia Davis

Tricia, a long time campaigner of animal rights was inspired to create a non-profit organisation, No More, for all animal causes that need awareness and funding.

With the aim to make animal rights fun, interactive and educational, Tricia hosts talks at different functions and designs merchandise for all ages and tastes.

Tricia plans to facilitate various workshops for different age groups that combine creativity and education. These workshops not only raise funds but awareness, which is key to animal rights.